Power Score Game!

So last night I was privileged enough to play 5E on Google Hangouts with the writer of the blog “Power Score.”  If you don’t know what Power Score is but you’ve found my site I have no idea what to tell you.  That’s like not knowing what Jaws is but you love Grizzly.  GO READ […]

Storm King’s Thunder

Storm King’s Thunder is our latest hardcover 5E D&D adventure from Wizards of the Coast.  Like Curse of Strahd it was also written by Chris Perkins and the in-house D&D team rather than being contracted out to a third party.  Like Tyranny of Dragons, Princes of the Apocalypse, and Out of the Abyss it is […]

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is my favorite Marvel character.  He’s the only one I’ve actually read some of the comics for.  Otherwise my reading habits have been strictly DC and Other Stuff.  So between that and my fondness for The Cumberbatch I was really looking forward to this one.  Did I like it or not?  I did […]

Curse of Strahd Part 4 – Now with Actual Ravenloft

At long last the party crossed the threshold and entered Castle Ravenloft.  We planned for an all-day session to finish off Curse of Strahd once and for all. After 10 hours we are not even close to finishing but speaking just for me I had a blast.  I think the players did too.  We ended […]

Curse of Strahd Campaign – Update #3

My last report on Curse of Strahd was in early June.  Four months later our group is headed into the final act of the adventure still going strong.  Our last session ended with the players inside the Amber Temple.  They had just encountered the spellcaster in the statue.  This caught them completely off-guard and the party […]

Scenes Guaranteed to Make Me Cry

As the Big Lebowski said, “Strong men also cry.”  The following is a list of scenes that are guaranteed to make me weep like a small child whenever they happen to be on TV. In my experience there are two sorts of crying that emerge from me.  Obviously the first is when something sad occurs.  […]

Star Trek: Beyond Thunderdome

Star Trek Beyond was good.  I enjoyed myself and left the theater looking forward to the next movie.  On the way home began my analysis.  I remember liking the first reboot movie but in hindsight there’s a lot of stupid shit in that movie.  The lens flare, Kirk going from cadet to captain, people hanging off […]

Characters I’ve Created

Depression sucks.  But I’ve found that the quickest way to make myself feel better is to do something with other people.  It doesn’t last but it works.  D&D and tabletop RPGs are the easiest thing to come by.  So I joined a couple different random online campaigns on Roll20.  This got me thinking about some […]

Curse of Strahd – Checking in Halfway Through

Curse of Strahd is the first of the 5E hardcover adventures I’ve actually run.  As of this writing, we are 8 sessions into the adventure.  I’d guess we have least another 8 in front of us.  I’m having a lot of fun running this adventure and I think/hope the players are enjoying it too. One […]

Is Tyrion Lannister a Villain?

I saw a piece from an interview with George RR Martin a few days ago.  When asked who his favorite character from the Song of Ice and Fire is, GRRM said, “I’ve got to admit I kind of like Tyrion Lannister.  He’s the villain of course, but hey, there’s nothing like a good villain.”  Like […]