Drums of the Dead – Tier 3

I feel ready to commit some thoughts to text after working through The Introduction and Tier 3-4 (Characters Level 11+) material.  While I balked at the alarming number of pages this adventure has I have to say that the encounters are much more detailed and interesting than I’ve seen in previous Epics.  This adventure, more […]


Drums of the Dead will be my 4th time running a D&D Adventurer’s League “Epic” adventure.  For the uninitiated, at conventions or special events at stores D&D AL will allow you to run “Epics.”  An Epic is one adventure being run by 8+ tables simultaneously and the tables influence each other in a variety of ways.  […]

Tando of Annihilation

So last night the stars aligned and I managed to make it a D&D table.  I was told there might be games to be had at a store nearby and I actually met up with two of the players from Curse of Strahd/Mark of Mercy.  So that was cool.  They were playing Tomb of Annihilation, […]

Star Wars: The Last Whatever

After a few weeks of avoiding spoilers and muting literally every Star Wars related word on Twitter I finally got around to seeing Last Jedi. This movie was okay.  I would call it uneven.  There were parts I really liked and then there were parts I didn’t.   I’m not sure how to really feel about […]


I got really excited for Bright when I saw the first teasers what seems like an eternity ago.  My first reaction was, “FUCKING SHADOWRUN MOVIE.”  The closer we got to the release date Bright seemed more like a fantasy oriented remake of Alien Nation.  On that comparison there are two schools of thought out there, […]

Thor: Ragnarok

I finally got around to seeing Thor 3.  This one is getting universally good reviews so you’ve probably seen it already.  Thor was my favorite of the initial Marvel character movies and I would still rank it very high. I came away from Ragnarok very disappointed. The cold open of this movie really sets the […]

Fantasy Age

While I was at PAX Unplugged I picked up the Fantasy AGE book from Green Ronin’s booth.  I doubt Chris Pramas remembers selling me the Song of Ice & Fire Hardcover 6 years ago in North Carolina but it was cool to see him again.  Fantasy Age is the generic version of the rules for […]

Tando the AL Mastermind

As I copy-pasted from my last post, I kind of like the idea of making a sort of meta-aware True Neutral character that realizes they can’t affect the world.  Join the Harpers and treat it like the Circle of Eight.  The Circle of Eight are 9 powerful wizards from the Greyhawk campaign setting.  They are […]

PAX Unplugged and Adventurer’s League Brainstorm

So I got back from PAX Unplugged and wanted to share some thoughts with you.  I should start by saying this entry is going to be heavy of the self-exploration of my psyche and I almost never go to conventions for reasons I’ll explain. I did not really enjoy myself at PAX Unplugged.  I did […]

A Cleric in Ravenloft: Beyond Good and Evil

So last afternoon/night/early this morning I brought my Halfling Knowledge Cleric to a new group for a game of set in Ravenloft.  It was a damn good game.  I was not expecting it to go for about 11 hours.  I once had a game go far later than expected to about 2 in the morning.  […]