About Me

I guess I am supposed to put stuff about me here. So have some random Fb quotes about me:

“I realize this might sound disingenuous on facebook, but I really hate talking about myself.”

“I am a great problem solver. What I am not is a great problem avoider.”

“I am not the Kwisatz Haderach. I cannot be many places at once.”

“Nights like these I wish I’d gotten a PhD and invented Time Travel.”

“God I love the internet.”

“I need a device that gives me an electric shock if I check my email or CNN more than once every 15 minutes.”

“I want to see Brad Dourif and Steve Buscemi do a movie together.”

“I realize that stuffing on my hot turkey sandwich is redundant. I do not care.”

Add some wine, politics and that just about sums me up.