Ape War Thing

I wanted to get something up very quickly on War for the Planet of the Apes.  I really liked the first two movies in the series so I had very high hopes for this one.  It is definitely a good movie.  Leagues above “The Usual Crap”


I want to talk about the ending of this movie.  So stop reading if you’re at all interested in seeing this.

So the ending.

I’m not talking about the beautiful poignant ending where Caesar finally succumbs to his wounds and dies.  From a certain point of view that is the part of the movie that works.  The Apes are finally past their need for Caesar.  They are together, they are strong.  They got past this movie by working together, not just because Caesar was there for them.

But before that.

I turned on this movie for about the last 15-20 minutes.  About when the little kid wanders into the base full of soldiers annnd no one notices?  Huh, that’s weird.  Okay I’m still with it.  The apes who are captive in the base escape by luring a soldier into their holding pen.  Alone.  And no one notices.  Well these humans are kind of idiots.  Then just as the apes are escaping the other human army shows up and the big war scene starts.

The war in this movie isn’t a war between apes and man.  It’s a war between Army of Men 1 and Army of Men 2.  Woody Harrelson’s forces are completely outmatched.  The Apes just want to get out of the way before the winner inevitably slaughters them.  I can see that’s the point.  The Apes need to get past their need for revenge.  I feel like that’s not really the movie they advertised. But more than that what doesn’t sit right with me is just how neat and clean and quick everything wraps up.

After The Miracle where the Apes tunnel out of the Human Base because no one’s watching them human army 1 is completely wiped out by explosions Caesar starts in their base.  Nice call putting those giant tanks of flammable gas by the front of the base where the explosions will be falling.  Human Army 2 is victorious!  Then they’re all killed by an avalanche while the apes scramble up trees.

Wow that was…anticlimatic?  Fast?  I thought the 5th Army got wiped the fuck out too quickly in Battle of the Five Armies.  Boy was I fucking wrong.  Miracle after miracle after miracle with the Apes being kind of passive observers left me feeling kind of angry.

This movie never peaked for me.  In the first movie the movie really gets amazing when Caesar has his big moment.  In Dawn that opening was amazing, the attack of the human colony was amazing.  This movie didn’t really have a money shot for me.  That’s why I feel kind of negative towards this one.

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