Prometheus Review

Having just returned from Prometheus first let me give you the short version.  It’s bad.  I did not enjoy the movie.  And it’s bad in the most disappointing way possible because you have the ingredients for a good movie.  Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, Chalize Theron, these people have all done good work.  But the characters […]

Clash of Kings Retrospective

Obviously I’m talking about the story.  If you’re going to get uppity about spoilers, kindly depart or don’t complain. So I was looking over my hope and fears for Clash of Kings.  I hope they don’t screw up this, I hope this character isn’t annoying.  These were the fears of an apocalyptic doomsayer.  Not that […]

Stuff happens!  Sorry about the length.

They should probably either imitate the comic more or really make it their own.  This half in stuff doesn’t work.

Great episode! Best since the pilot.  Really gets back to the anything can happen tone of the comics.  My cynicism was thoroughly shot down.


Oh boy another Walking Dead tonight! I wonder what’s going to happen… Maybe Shane will be a hardass and say someone is slowing the group down, Then Rick will hold his at an angle while saying on what they have to do while Dale exasperatedly comments on the morality of the situation. Then Andrea will […]


New episode of the Walking Dead!  I give it a hearty “eh.”