Godzilla: King of the Monsters

If this had been released after the 2014 Godzilla movie I likely would’ve passed on this one.  But Skull Island was quite possibly my favorite movie the year of its release.  King of the Monsters is nowhere near the magic of Skull Island but I was still entertained through it.  It’s an excuse to throw […]

Dragon Age Recap

In addition to my long ass post speculating on where to take my Dragon Age campaign I thought people might also be curious about where we’ve been up to this point.  Here is an abbreviated campaign recap.  I wrote this a while ago so there is some overlap with the last post. Near the start […]

Dragon Age: Season Finale and the Way Forward

Lotta people interested in me taking a walk to think about my Dragon Age game.  Thanks @slyflourish! Dragon AGE has largely supplanted D&D as my primary tabletop RPG over the course of the 9 months after my D&D group finished Tomb of Annihilation.  I got into TOA because I was feeling burned out on DMing […]

Avengers: Endgame

Like the rest of humanity apparently I went and saw Endgame this weekend. It was ok.  All these movies good to some extent.  Even the ones people like less aren’t bad.  For these movies this was fine. I was initially hostile towards Infinity War because you knew they were going to undo it.  Black Panther […]

Mad Mage – The Bardic Set List

Last session of Mad Mage went a lot better.  We found the stairs which gave us our sixth level milestone then we decided to keep exploring Dungeon Level.  I would be okay not doing that but I’m okay for now.  I didn’t even get to use Extra Attack but I feel better about my character.  6th […]

Mad Mage – Dungeon Level

This is part calling myself out and part review of Dungeon of the Mad Mage.  We recently concluded I think our 6th Session and I thought it was time to put words to screen about how I was feeling in order to learn more about myself and get better at running my own games. There […]

Mad Mage Backup Characters

We are now 4 sessions into Dungeon of the Mad Mage.  It’s a little slow paced but I’m hoping it will pickup as we get past this first level, which according to Enworld is named, “Dungeon Level.”  As opposed to later parts with names like “Arcturiadoom.” When we started these two books I resolved to […]

Faces of Thedas

At long last a day is here.  They announced the next D&D Hardcover Adventure, you ask?  NO YOU FOOL.  Faces of Thedas, the next (Last? Only?) splatbook for Green Ronin’s Dragon Age RPG has arrived.  At least in PDF form.  Still gotta wait a bit for the dead tree edition. For those interested in the […]