Savitri: The Final Form

A few years ago I ran a Dark Sun campaign for 4th Edition D&D. It was a good campaign, one with plenty of maps and ideas I would reuse if I ever ran Dark Sun again.  But there was one thing about it that drove me up the wall.  One player, every 3-5 sessions, would […]


When I left the theater and got into my car I felt I wasn’t going to write anything.  15 minutes later here we are. Main reason I thought I’d give this one a pass is because 15 minutes later I am struggling to remember what the hell actually happened during Aquaman.  I actually did not […]

Eberron: Blades of Terror

“Blades of Terror” is the 7th of the 12 Eberron adventures being released as a series.  The adventures together make up an adventure path titled, “Embers of the Last War.” I was not thrilled with the previous two adventures I purchased, “What’s Past is Prologue” and “Boromar Ball.”  I thought Prologue was bad, and Boromar […]

The Red War

Boy this is a great title.  Screw Relics of Khundrukar, I like the short declarative title.  THE IRON BARON.  And now, THE RED WAR. I cannot believe it was almost two years ago that I started running these Epics.  I also recall with bitter sweetness how the good people of Gamer’s Vault kicked my inexperienced […]

Eberron: Boromar Ball

Boromar Ball is the third Adventurer’s League adventure set in the Eberron campaign setting.  I gave a negative review to the first release, What’s Past is Prologue. Based on the weakness of that adventure I decided to wait on picking up the second adventure, Murder in Skyway.  But this was one I really wanted.  I […]

Running Shadowrun in Fantasy Flight’s Genesys

A few years ago I started reading about Shadowrun.  Probably the most prominent of the “cyberpunk” genre of TTRPGs it also blends in fantasy as well.  The setting lore is a fun read.  The game though… Shadowrun 5th Edition is a rat’s nest of options and rules and granular details that just do not add […]

Dragon Heist First Looks

So far so good.  You get a sense that there is definitely a vibrant and large city here to work with.  I like city games, they’re tough to run but they can be very fun.  I’m not crazy about the breadcrumbs trail thing where each bar/shop we go to has someone we ask about the […]

Dragon Age – Getting Out of the Modules

With this new session I’m starting to “feel my legs” is the saying I think I want.  We started with modules, namely, The Dalish Curse to get a handle on the rules.  Then we moved into “Curse of Strahd but set in the Fade.”  Now I feel like I’m comfortable enough with the characters to […]