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A Song of Ice & Fire/Game of Thrones Freeballing

This is just some freeballing ASOIF/GOT thoughts I can either write here or bother strangers with. I swore off Game of Thrones after season four knowing full well this was a fool’s boast. At best I think I can hold off five episodes. Less if its slow at work. I will watch it eventually. What […]

Game of Thrones Review

Dark Wings, Dark Words Review 1)      Jesus Bran’s voice got deep.  I told you puberty would be the death of that plotline. 2)      Sooo Theon is still at Winterfell?  How in the blue fuck did Bran and Rickon get past the Boltons then? 3)      Didn’t quite understand that torture scene.  I guess it establishes that […]

Game of Thrones Season Three – Episode One

I was going to resist writing this but fuck it. Next year I’m going to buy the DVD and when I watch the whole season at once, as is my way, I’ll forgive all the petty bullshit that angers me. For this episode, my petty bullshit is: Sam got the birds off, Littlefinger meeting Sansa […]

Game of Thrones Season 3 – How many of these have I posted?

I swore to myself I was going to stop speculating on season 3 of Game of Thrones. No more wondering if Olenna Tyrell and Mance Rayder are going to get the 40 seconds of screentime Qhorin Halfhand got, or what iconic moments might get cut. At the very least, I wasn’t going to post about […]

Game of Thrones – Where are the Goddamn Pink Cloaks?

For once I wish I was less of a nerd. Rather than leave a vague self-pity comment, I’m going on a rant. Strap in, bitches. See, in the Song of Ice and Fire books, House Bolton’s color is pink. In times past, the Boltons flayed their enemies and wore their skins. They’re assholes. In the […]

Game of Thrones Musings

I think my most anticipated scene of this upcoming season is the first small council meeting with Tywin and Joffrey. It was one of the best scenes in the book, Tywin realizing his daughter had completely fucked up his legacy but truly coming into his own as the de facto ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. […]

Storm of Swords Preview

As usual, if you don’t want the plot spoiled, begone. At this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con they announced a slew of new casting for Game of Thrones Season 3. What’s important is not just what was said but also what wasn’t said. So far, every single press release about the next season has highlighted […]

Clash of Kings Retrospective

Obviously I’m talking about the story.  If you’re going to get uppity about spoilers, kindly depart or don’t complain. So I was looking over my hope and fears for Clash of Kings.  I hope they don’t screw up this, I hope this character isn’t annoying.  These were the fears of an apocalyptic doomsayer.  Not that […]