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The X-Files

When I did my top 11 TV series of all time, I had to think long and hard (that’s what she said) before I took the X-Files off that list.  The X-Files is one of the scariest, best written TV Series of all time.  It also suffers one crippling, massive flaw.  I do not give…two […]

Doctor Who – Nightmare in Silver

I loved this episode.  I completely utterly loved this episode.  Easily the best episode this season.  And there’s one very simple reason.  Stakes.  I had no idea how the Doctor was going to get out of this one and neither did he.  I was glued to the screen.  There’s really not a whole lot else […]

Doctor Who – Crimson Horror

This episode started out pretty good.   It reminded me that Doctor Who doesn’t always have to be about paradoxes, parallel realities, and alien intrigue.  It’s great when you can pull off a clever sounding time travel plot points like in Blink, but it doesn’t always have to be complicated.  An Alien is at some […]

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

I haven’t thought about Doctor Who in a while so this is going to be a review of how this season is going so far as opposed to a strict one episode review.  As you may have read ( I wasn’t a fan of Series 7 Part 1.  There were moments I liked but on […]

Doctor Who Series 7 – Second Look

I didn’t really like the Seventh Season of Doctor Who. Not at first anyways. After some other reviews and rewatching I’ve come around to think that Power of Three was actually pretty good while A Town Called Mercy was kind of dogshit. It’s a lot like the Sixth Season that way. It took me a […]

The Angels Take Manhattan

So we come to our 3rd Weeping Angels story. I’m not alone when I say Blink is possibly my favorite episode of Doctor Who ever. It’s scary, it’s funny, and it’s also very accessible for someone who’s never seen the show. The next two-parter was also very good. The comparison I heard was that it […]

Asylum of the Daleks

So Doctor Who is back and I thought it was…okay. Ambitious but mediocre. Don’t get me wrong it looked expensive and fantastic. I think my lack of enthusiasm has more to do with my own narrow minded opinion of what makes good Who. To start with, I’m just not impressed with the Daleks. I think […]

Stuff happens!  Sorry about the length.

They should probably either imitate the comic more or really make it their own.  This half in stuff doesn’t work.

Great episode! Best since the pilot.  Really gets back to the anything can happen tone of the comics.  My cynicism was thoroughly shot down.