Acquisitions Incorporated

I have been an Acquisitions Incorporated fan since the beginning.  I was into Penny Arcade and PVP for about 5 years, 4th Edition D&D got announced, and then they bring on these guys to play D&D and then they release the recording.  And it was funny!  And interesting!  They did three podcasts before moving to […]

Eberron and the Aundairian Job

The past four weeks I’ve been running an adventure shamelessly ripped off from Chris Perkins’ game for the Robot Chicken crew.  The party is after three magic shields that open a vault.  The latest of which is stored within the largest bank in Waterdeep.  This portion of the adventure was shamelessly ripped off from an […]

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Part 2

I wound up liking the rest of the adventure enough to spur more writing on it. Part 4 ends with the PCs arriving in Waterdeep after a tense moment with the cultists on the caravan following one of them getting murdered by the Zhentarim gnome, Jamna Gleamsilver who I’m on record as thinking is poorly […]

Dungeon World

So I’ve decided to run a Dungeon World game at my FLGS.  And after watching Muppet Treasure Island in short succession after Deadwood, I decided to do something that would be both nautical “yarr we be sailing” and pioneer “find gold in hostile land.”  Tonight was just character creation.  Since the game is “play to […]