The Lazy DM Game

With little preparation I set out for my Isle of Dread inspired mini campaign. It was okay. I thought the prep went really well. There wasn’t a point when I felt underprepared. I think wandering monsters and random encounters are stupid and take time away from the fun, so I have a hard time explaining […]

The Night Before Game Night

So this is it. Our game starts tomorrow evening. After two months of trying desperately not to over prepare and tinker I feel woefully underprepared. The Lazy DM Guide says that I have done enough. My original notecards focused on the city of Vinekeep itself and I saw that as central for parts of the […]

The First Adventure

This playtest makes being a lazy dungeon master the only way to go. Reason being? I knew I was going to DM this coming Wednesday two months ago. Old Snark Knight would’ve spent the past two months meticulously building a trail of encounters. The new packet that dropped on 3/20 completely changed the monster math. […]

My Lazy Mini Campaign World

I want to preface this by saying I’m trying to fully document the creative process and it helps to write, so there’s going to be some rambling in this post as I arrive at conclusions and inspiration strikes. I’m sorry. So let’s figure out how we got here. We’ve spent the entirety of our campaign […]