Mad Mage – Dungeon Level

This is part calling myself out and part review of Dungeon of the Mad Mage.  We recently concluded I think our 6th Session and I thought it was time to put words to screen about how I was feeling in order to learn more about myself and get better at running my own games. There […]

Mad Mage Backup Characters

We are now 4 sessions into Dungeon of the Mad Mage.  It’s a little slow paced but I’m hoping it will pickup as we get past this first level, which according to Enworld is named, “Dungeon Level.”  As opposed to later parts with names like “Arcturiadoom.” When we started these two books I resolved to […]

Faces of Thedas

At long last a day is here.  They announced the next D&D Hardcover Adventure, you ask?  NO YOU FOOL.  Faces of Thedas, the next (Last? Only?) splatbook for Green Ronin’s Dragon Age RPG has arrived.  At least in PDF form.  Still gotta wait a bit for the dead tree edition. For those interested in the […]

Savitri: The Final Form

A few years ago I ran a Dark Sun campaign for 4th Edition D&D. It was a good campaign, one with plenty of maps and ideas I would reuse if I ever ran Dark Sun again.  But there was one thing about it that drove me up the wall.  One player, every 3-5 sessions, would […]


When I left the theater and got into my car I felt I wasn’t going to write anything.  15 minutes later here we are. Main reason I thought I’d give this one a pass is because 15 minutes later I am struggling to remember what the hell actually happened during Aquaman.  I actually did not […]

Eberron: Blades of Terror

“Blades of Terror” is the 7th of the 12 Eberron adventures being released as a series.  The adventures together make up an adventure path titled, “Embers of the Last War.” I was not thrilled with the previous two adventures I purchased, “What’s Past is Prologue” and “Boromar Ball.”  I thought Prologue was bad, and Boromar […]

The Red War

Boy this is a great title.  Screw Relics of Khundrukar, I like the short declarative title.  THE IRON BARON.  And now, THE RED WAR. I cannot believe it was almost two years ago that I started running these Epics.  I also recall with bitter sweetness how the good people of Gamer’s Vault kicked my inexperienced […]

Eberron: Boromar Ball

Boromar Ball is the third Adventurer’s League adventure set in the Eberron campaign setting.  I gave a negative review to the first release, What’s Past is Prologue. Based on the weakness of that adventure I decided to wait on picking up the second adventure, Murder in Skyway.  But this was one I really wanted.  I […]

Running Shadowrun in Fantasy Flight’s Genesys

A few years ago I started reading about Shadowrun.  Probably the most prominent of the “cyberpunk” genre of TTRPGs it also blends in fantasy as well.  The setting lore is a fun read.  The game though… Shadowrun 5th Edition is a rat’s nest of options and rules and granular details that just do not add […]