Dragon Age – Elhar the Pup

I have a new RPG character to add to my library! Recently I joined a game on Roll20.  For once I’m not playing D&D.  Instead we are playing the Dragon Age RPG by Green Ronin which is based on the Dragon Age videogames by Bioware.  Green Ronin wrote a generic version of this ruleset called […]

The Dark Tower: Part 1 of 1. Probably.

Well, I liked it. This movie reminds me a lot of Suicide Squad.  I went in knowing about the bad reviews, expected to like it anyways, and I did.  It was a fast paced movie, Idris Elba shoots people, McConaughey wields the Dark Arts, it was pretty funny at times, and it kept a surprising […]

Eberron: The Mark of Mercy – Session 5

The last session was largely roleplaying and hobnobbing with Aundairian nobles.  Really it was to try and get a sense of what the PCs’ next move would be.  I knew they wanted to head to Thrane and I knew they wanted to pursue their own objectives rather than keep bopping around as Aundairian Special Forces. […]

Ape War Thing

I wanted to get something up very quickly on War for the Planet of the Apes.  I really liked the first two movies in the series so I had very high hopes for this one.  It is definitely a good movie.  Leagues above “The Usual Crap” But. I want to talk about the ending of […]

Eberron: The Mark of Mercy, Session 4

Session 4 of our Eberron Campaign, The Mark of Mercy, went a lot better than session 3.  This was fun for me, I think it was fun for the players too.  We left session 3 on kind of a down note.  The PCs had rescued Princess Wrey ir’Wynarn, the Queen’s youngest sister, but they didn’t […]

Eberron: The Mark of Mercy, Session 3

We have concluded the Third Session of my Eberron set Curse of Strahd sequel, “The Mark of Mercy.”  This was one of those sessions that the players tell the DM it went really well and how much fun they had but behind the screen you’re thinking “I’m fucking it up I’m fucking it up.”  I […]

Wonder Woman

I don’t usually brave the opening weekend crowds but decided this was worth it given the near universal praise Wonder Woman is getting.  Guardians of the Galaxy 2?  Pah, it’s  a Marvel movie, whatever I’ll see it the second week.  But WB puts out a good DC movie without Batman or Chris Nolan?  This I […]

Eberron Session 2

At long last we had our second session of Eberron.  Fuck Orcs and Dragons, real life is the greatest threat to a party of D&D adventurers.  Last year we got the bulk of our Curse of Strahd game done during the hot summer so maybe we’ll get more than one game a month then.  Fortunately […]

D&D Epic – Relics of Khundrukar

So here we have the Third Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers’ League EPIC event.  If you’ve been reading these before, I’ve been overly critical of these adventures.  I think one big reason is that there is way way way too much combat.  I find in my own games, especially in 4E and now that I’m DMing […]

2 of 7 Tales From the Yawning Portal

Well here we are again.  Another Hardcover D&D Adventure, the first of likely two for the year.  I still never picked up Storm King’s Thunder having written it off as more of the same Forgotten Realms stuff.  When I actually read it I was pleasantly surprised to find it more of a DM’s Guide to […]