Eberron Session 2

At long last we had our second session of Eberron.  Fuck Orcs and Dragons, real life is the greatest threat to a party of D&D adventurers.  Last year we got the bulk of our Curse of Strahd game done during the hot summer so maybe we’ll get more than one game a month then.  Fortunately […]

D&D Epic – Relics of Khundrukar

So here we have the Third Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers’ League EPIC event.  If you’ve been reading these before, I’ve been overly critical of these adventures.  I think one big reason is that there is way way way too much combat.  I find in my own games, especially in 4E and now that I’m DMing […]

2 of 7 Tales From the Yawning Portal

Well here we are again.  Another Hardcover D&D Adventure, the first of likely two for the year.  I still never picked up Storm King’s Thunder having written it off as more of the same Forgotten Realms stuff.  When I actually read it I was pleasantly surprised to find it more of a DM’s Guide to […]

Beauty and the Fucking Beast

So my wife and I caught a Thursday night showing for Beauty and the Beast.  We went in there kind of dreading it.  We saw the place was almost sold out on AMC’s reserved seating.  And there were lots of kids, even an infant.  We feared there would be a lot of talking and crying throughout the movie. […]

Eberron Session 1

And here we go. Last night began the first session of a probable 9-12 month campaign I wrote as a sequel to Curse of Strahd set in the universe of Eberron.  As everyone has known each other for years before they started letting me run D&D games for them it could’ve sucked and it still […]

D&D Epic – Ark of the Mountains

I received my copy of the next D&D Adventurer’s League Epic, “Ark of the Mountains.”  But Snark Knight, you might say, all you did in your review of “The Iron Baron” was bitch and moan.  You’re right.  That review was heavy on bitching and moaning.  At the end however, my feeling was “I want to […]

The Eberron Campaign – How We Got Here

As said in my last post, the group has finished Curse of Strahd.  Please clap.  While it would be lovely to take a vacation to the other side of the screen for a year, during the course of Curse a golden opportunity presented itself for a sequel.  During Curse of Strahd, one of the players […]

Curse of Strahd – The 2nd and 3rd Deaths of Strahd

The Group finished Curse of Strahd successfully!  Much to my surprise and internal (and eternal) shame no PCs were killed in the course of their final battle. We had left off the previous session after one round of combat ending with The Druid summoning a horde of boars.  I had a couple weeks to think […]

D&D Epic – The Iron Baron

Below my review of the adventure is an account of how running the adventure went. A player in my Curse of Strahd game (the one who fell to evil in the Amber Temple) invited me to DM D&D Adventurer’s League.  But this is not just a one shot adventure for 4-6 players.  This is an EPIC […]

Strahd Update – Now with Strahd

Last night was not my best session.  I usually DM on weekends and even if I’m not prepping much I’m still mentally going over the adventure rather than thinking about work. We ended our last session with the PCs just entering the Tower of the Heart of Sorrow.  They figured out right away when the […]