Dragon Heist First Looks

So far so good.  You get a sense that there is definitely a vibrant and large city here to work with.  I like city games, they’re tough to run but they can be very fun.  I’m not crazy about the breadcrumbs trail thing where each bar/shop we go to has someone we ask about the […]

Dragon Age – Getting Out of the Modules

With this new session I’m starting to “feel my legs” is the saying I think I want.  We started with modules, namely, The Dalish Curse to get a handle on the rules.  Then we moved into “Curse of Strahd but set in the Fade.”  Now I feel like I’m comfortable enough with the characters to […]

Dragon Heist: Session Zero

We had our session zero for Dragon Heist.  It was fairly low-key, everyone came in with a pretty good idea of the character they wanted to play and I don’t think anyone changed their character too much.  The main thing we established were what languages our various characters spoke to cover multiple bases. Again let’s […]

Savitri the Knowledge Cleric

My eyes now turn to making a character for Dragon Heist. A while back I played in a one shot game set in Ravenloft.  I decided to play a Halfling Knowledge Cleric.  I had a few reasons for this.  One, I didn’t know these guys and no group has ever turned away a cleric.  Two, […]

Dragon Age Campaign – 3 Sessions In

I have started a new Dragon Age campaign.  This is the Green Ronin ruleset for the Thedas setting.  I set out to lovingly rip-off Curse of Strahd with a trip to the Fade.  But today, three sessions in and over a month since I initially met these folks, I took a step back and saw […]

Tomb of Annihilation, Final

Wow, we finally made it through.  Great DMing, great PCing, all around a pretty damn good adventure.  I joined in shortly after the PCs started making their way through the Yuan-Ti dungeon.  We’ve had maybe 18 sessions since then to put it away.  We spent about 2-3 hours on the final boss fight, The Soulmonger/Atropal […]

Hags and Hexagons

After completing the Gear Level we found ourselves in the 6th Level of the Tomb of Annihilation.  We knew from earlier that there were Hags in this place somewhere.  So when we walked into a room full of green mist and a cauldron with several people in cages and creepy idol dolls…yeah it was a […]