New Dragon Age Campaign

Today I started GMing my first ongoing game in some time.  I found a group on Roll 20 interested in playing the Dragon Age RPG.  Some of them are very new to RPGs.  I haven’t DMed in a while and longer since I’ve run/played Dragon Age so it’s nice to have good slow paced game […]


So this one caught me by surprise.  I don’t know who in the WOTC family might’ve known about this, but those people who sign D&D NDAs are some Semper Fi motherfuckers.  They keep those secrets.  I’d heard over the weekend that there would be a “Ravinca” Magic: The Gathering themed setting book coming out.  Late […]

So You Want To Be a Master(mind)?

I have now spent maybe 8-10 sessions in Tomb of Annihilation playing a Stout Halfling Rogue with the Mastermind archetype.  I wanted to give some thoughts on playing this archetype.  And the reason would be because the Mastermind has a pretty bad reputation. To quote Total Party Thrill: “Take anything but Mastermind.” “If you want […]

Avengers: Finite war

This will probably not be a long essay. I am hard pressed to think of a Marvel movie I liked more than Infinity Wars.  Doctor Strange, Spiderman 2, Black Panther, Civil War, Avengers 1, Winter Soldier, these were all movies that, when I compare them, yeah I liked Infinity Wars more. Yet, I found myself […]

Tomb Problems – Week 1 & 2

Latest sessions for Tomb of Annihilation are down and we have finally entered the tomb itself.  Oh mighty Waukeen please save us all. After at least 30 minutes of bickering over which of the three tunnels we found would lead to an entrance and forcing the DM to tell the “Tale of the Nine Gods” […]