Avengers 2: Age of Nitpicks (Part 2)

I’m still standing by the statement that I liked this movie, but it sucks.  In spite of this being a bad movie, I enjoyed myself.  Which is why I find myself restating the futility of pointing out the movie’s problems.  It made tens of millions of dollars again in its second weekend.  I still would’ve […]

Avengers 2: Age of Nitpicks (Part 1)

First things first, I liked this movie.  And because of that I’m not really sure how much I want to write about the things I didn’t like.  Is there really a point?  If you told me this movie was terrible (it isn’t) I would’ve still paid money to see it.  But this was still way […]

House of Cards Season 3

I loved the first season of House of Cards on Netflix.  I didn’t know it was based on a book or British series at the time, all I knew was I liked it.  I liked the British series too, although Series 3 was kind of all over the place.  I liked the American season 2 […]

I Got Mentioned!

http://www.mundangerous.com/2015/02/i-read-some-things-week-of-february-9th-2015/#more-237 Tabletop blogger Mundangerous linked to the site on his weekly rundown of tabletop gaming news.  I wanted to take umbrage to being called a fanboy, but its a fair rap and I’m still tickled to be referred to as a blogger.  Also the implication that the spectrum of D&D bloggers runs from The Angry […]

Feargus Urquhart and The Polygon Article

The following article has been getting a lot of discussion on Twitter among the tabletop gaming writers I follow and respect.  I realize that is a narrow superlative but stay with me. http://www.polygon.com/2015/2/9/8005145/why-one-of-d-ds-biggest-video-game-devs-thinks-that-tabletop-game-has I honestly do not understand why this article is getting the attention it is because I do not understand what point this […]

Game of Thrones – The Lost Lords

The Lost Lords is part two of Telltales Game of Thrones video games.  It seems the game is going the route of the show.  When in need of drama, make shit up. To that end, we have House Glenmore, a fictional family in the North.  The new lord of House Forrester, Rodrik, who somehow survived […]

Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice

Despite my continued oath to not watch the TV series again, I recently played through episode 1 of Telltale’s newest point and click series, Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice.  Visually it lacks the comic style art of the Walking Dead, opting for a more realistic depiction of the characters.  It’s also licensed by HBO, so […]

Top 10 Movies of 2014

This is my top ten list of 2014.  As movies are goddamn expensive there won’t be a worst of 2014 list .  Well maybe a little.  There’s also a shitload of movies I didn’t see that would probably make this list, most notably Interstellar,  Birdman, and The Imitation Game.  So this is very much an […]

The Hobbit: An Expected Desolation of Battle

I’m honestly not sure where to start with this one.  Battle of the Five Armies was exactly what I expected it to be.  Somehow that makes it more disappointing to me.  I really didn’t like this one.  I liked the first two Hobbit movies.  They need an editor or a time machine to prevent themselves […]

Sons of Anarchy Season 7

After 5 years of good Sons of Anarchy (-1 total for Belfast, Lincoln Potter, and parts of season 6) we have finally reached the end.  Spoilers lie within if you haven’t figured out that I don’t care about spoilers.  But someone might like the way I write and actually care about Sons of Anarchy so […]