Dragon Age Recap

In addition to my long ass post speculating on where to take my Dragon Age campaign I thought people might also be curious about where we’ve been up to this point.  Here is an abbreviated campaign recap.  I wrote this a while ago so there is some overlap with the last post.

Near the start of the campaign, the Party met an Antivan Mage in the Fade. Our Avvar Mage immediately fell in love with him.  This Antivan asked them to check out a location in Ferelden.  There they found a Tevinter temple and a tome called The Will and Testament of Archmagister Tenebrious.

Unfortunately the place was corrupted by a powerful Remorse Demon who they talked down to peace.  The Avvar Mage also learned Dream Sending because fun.  They then ran afoul of some Templars in a nearby small town when they sought to prevent a young boy from being sent to the Circle.  Seeing no possibility of long-term repercussions for causing several templars to fail in their duty they lured two templars away and slew a third before skipping town.

While the party was eventually bound for Antiva City they detoured to the Frostbacks to visit the Avvar clanholds.  They found themselves caught in a small war between the outnumbered Stone-Bears and the Laughing-Wolves who were led by The Grey Witch, an Avvar Grey Warden Mage serving some strange master seeking to Taint as many clans as possible.  She had some kind of strange sending stone that a deep voice spoke through.  Seeing no possibility of long-term repercussion, they pocketed it and went on their way.

After the party intervened on behalf of the Stone-Bears they encountered a Sneaky Witch Thief with her half-dwarf son in the mountains who offered them passage to Antiva through some sort of bizarre magic mirror in exchange for a night with their Tevinter tome before giving it back.  Seeing no possibility of long-term repercussions, they accepted the bargain.

They walked through the mirror into some kind of alternate dimension and followed the path.  Along the way they encountered skeletons, a demon of some sort, and a trio of Qunari scouts who were the first of their kind to travel this strange place.  They also met a friendly Elf Mage in a large sarcophagus who joined the party when someone new wanted to join the table.

They emerged in a very quiet grove and found they were in Antiva and made their way to Antiva City proper.  The city is in some turmoil as random people are turning into abominations and some kind of assassin is being blamed.  The party believes this is connected to some rogue agent they assume to be dashingly handsome working their way through the Antivan Crows as the victims so far have been a poisonmaker and the 2nd Talon’s daughter.

The party also fell in with an Alienage Lady who owns a humble tea shop looking to stick it to the nobility of the city.  During a robbery of a corrupt toll collector our Noble Orlesian Warrior Lady was arrested.  She was quickly released but informed that she has been betrothed to an Antivan nobleman named Laurien Montilyet.  Our Avvar Mage secured some forged documents and got into the local Circle where he found that the Antivan Mage who had not Dream Sent to him in weeks has been made Tranquil.

It turns out that when the Avvar used the Dream Sending spell he learned from the Remorse Demon this was not perhaps the best idea.  That, combined with his Antivan Mage friend’s research into unlocking magical potential caused the Circle to make him Tranquil.  And whatever spell is forcing people to become abominations may’ve been stolen from the Antivan’s quarters.  It was all the player’s fault.

The Avvar lost his composure at this and his bound Spirit of Love overcame his self-discipline causing his Antivan Mage Friend to tell him to seek him out in the Fade before Tranquility re-asserted itself but watch out for that Remorse Demon.  The PCs also found out that an agent from Val Royeaux is coming to take possession of the Tranquil and also take his research into spirits into her right hand for some project the Divine is adamant about pursuing.

After this the PCs went about foiled the murders in Antiva City and breaking the Antivan Mage out of the Circle.