Fixing Dark Knight Rises

So I’ve gotten to hear some opinions about the Dark Knight. I seem to be with the majority in saying the movie is okay, but a satisfying end to the trilogy. One recurring thing is that people are saying is that they have problems with it but they’re not sure how to fix them. Well I’d like to try. Obviously, spoilers. We’re fixing the movie here.

The albatross around this movie’s neck I think is Marion Collitard. Her character and her relationship with Bane sucks and worst of all, it’s obvious. She’s got the little League of Shadows brand on her body that we saw in Batman Begins. Remember it’s how Bruce lit the powder to blow up their base in Batman Begins. It’s a crappy twist and it has to go. Here’s what I would do. Restore Bane’s origin story: Bane is the child born in the prison; he’s the one who climbed out of the pit. Maybe not as a child, maybe he grew up. Then change his role in the League of Shadows. Instead of being excommunicated by Ra’s al Ghul, Bane should be the League’s secret weapon. The attack dog they keep chained up.

Keep Talia, but make her more complicated, a believer in the League’s ends, but not its means, the way she is in the Animated Series. She is GREAT in the Animated Series. She reveals to Batman that a couple times over its thousands of years, the League of Shadows failed. Either they were rebuffed or the decadence rebuilt itself. In those, rare circumstances the League brought out an individual raised in hatred and combat to be a warrior too terrible to be released. Basically Bane is like a Sith Lord, it’s a title not a name. And where their first attempt used plague or economics to destroy a civilization, The Bane uses fire and the sword. What the League does normally they see as euthanasia. Restoring balance. It’s not a punishment or retribution. They see what they do as an equal and opposite reaction. But if you resist, they let out the Bane. And he will go beyond destroying the city, but its soul and the souls of those that resist the league.

Really, all that needs to be done is change the a little dialogue and Talia’s part. Obviously those nitpicks like Bruce never asks what the people are chanting, make the climb a little more arduous. Show some gore. Then you get a much better movie.