Wreck-It Ralph

It’s more difficult sometimes to describe something you really like than something you hate. Wreck-It Ralph is awesome. It’s full of gaming and movie shout outs with tons of clever wordplay. But its also got some real heart filled moments. Basically everything revolving around Vanellope’s car. It’s not just a shallow set of video game […]

Becoming a Lazy Dungeon Master

One of my favorite twitter accounts and possibly the only RPG gaming site I follow religiously is Sly Flourish. Forums are bad trash. I like Gnome Stew, Id DM, Chatty DM, but for stark, practical advice on an easy to read site, nothing compares to Sly Flourish. They recently released a book called the Lazy […]

Top Eleven Favorite TV Shows

A Snarky list of Top TV Shows 11. Doctor Who (New Who) Dr. Who is the only show on this list that will crack me up for a solid minute one episode and bring me to (manly) tears. The diversity of stories that the premise of the series can tell allows it to be simply […]

Doctor Who Series 7 – Second Look

I didn’t really like the Seventh Season of Doctor Who. Not at first anyways. After some other reviews and rewatching I’ve come around to think that Power of Three was actually pretty good while A Town Called Mercy was kind of dogshit. It’s a lot like the Sixth Season that way. It took me a […]


This movie started me off on a bad note with the Gettysburg Address being recited by Union soldiers. On the one hand it establishes Abraham Lincoln’s humor, his charm, and we like the character right away. On the other, the part with the Address is overly sentimental. But in contrast to this Oscar Bait opening […]

The Hobbit

So I’ve just returned from The Hobbit. I feel a lot like I did when I saw Dark Knight Rises. I like this movie. If you’re one of the six people who value my opinion on movies, I think you will like it too. But this movie’s kind of a mess. I can really see […]

Absolution In Progress

Absolution Noticed right away, enemies respawn when you use a checkpoint? Why the hell do I bother doing all that work? Knock people out, then save, that’s how it works. Dick move Square Enix, dick move. Why do I have to hold buttons down? I used to be able to pick things up and drag […]

Hitman Retrospective

So I’m currently behind enemy lines with relatives far away from my 360 where I will be playing Absolution when I return home. However, this holiday has given me ample opportunity to replay Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and Hitman 3: Contracts. With some shame, I admit that I still do play Blood Money on my […]

Dishonored, Continued.

Okay I’m finally back to playing Dishonored. I think I figured out why it’s just okay. Three reasons. 1) The game makes it very difficult to fix your mistakes organically and 2) you’re being evaluated on a mission by mission basis but 3) the consequences of your scavenger hunting ability impact your later missions. The […]

Game of Thrones Musings

I think my most anticipated scene of this upcoming season is the first small council meeting with Tywin and Joffrey. It was one of the best scenes in the book, Tywin realizing his daughter had completely fucked up his legacy but truly coming into his own as the de facto ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. […]