Dishonored and Video Games

So I spent today playing Dishonored. All the reviews hit my must buy points and my experience has been largely positive. But it got me thinking about other games like it and how I evaluate games in general. For reasons that would be very interesting to the psychiatric profession, I play games for a sense […]

Paranormal Activity 4

Just got back from Paranormal Activity 4. I liked it. I think it was definitely better than the last one but in a fundamentally different way. I found PA3 to be very heavy on the cheap scares. People jump out, things are loud, and the entire ending is basically one big shake the camera and […]

The Angels Take Manhattan

So we come to our 3rd Weeping Angels story. I’m not alone when I say Blink is possibly my favorite episode of Doctor Who ever. It’s scary, it’s funny, and it’s also very accessible for someone who’s never seen the show. The next two-parter was also very good. The comparison I heard was that it […]

Asylum of the Daleks

So Doctor Who is back and I thought it was…okay. Ambitious but mediocre. Don’t get me wrong it looked expensive and fantastic. I think my lack of enthusiasm has more to do with my own narrow minded opinion of what makes good Who. To start with, I’m just not impressed with the Daleks. I think […]

Here are some quotes from David Cronenberg’s recent interview with Next Movie.

Would He Do A Superhero Movie?

“I don’t think they are making them an elevated art form. I think it’s still Batman running around in a stupid cape. I just don’t think it’s elevated. Christopher Nolan’s best movie is “Memento,” and that is an interesting movie.”

I would say that’s a no (I wouldn’t do a superhero movie, Responding to question if Cronenberg would do a superhero movie) you know. And the problem is you gotta… as I say, you can do some interesting, maybe unexpected things. And certainly, I’ve made the horror films and people say, “Can you make a horror film also an art film?” And I would say, “Yeah, I think you can.”

But a superhero movie, by definition, you know, it’s comic book. It’s for kids. It’s adolescent in its core.
*End Quotes*

I think Cronenberg is lacking some credibility here. I agree with him that Memento and Inception even the Prestige are better movies than his three Batman movies. Heath Ledger probably gives the best performance in any of his movies outside of Guy Pearce, but those three stand alone movies I like more than the Batman movies. But calling superhero movies for kids? Saying they’re not art? I have to take issue with that one, if not with the argument, that Cronenberg can’t make it. This is because, lest he forget, A History of Violence was a comic book too. And its protagonist, Tom Stahl, is very much a kind of superheroic character. The same goes for his film Eastern Promises. Not a comic book, but it shares many of the same characteristics as A History of Violence. The principal one being, Viggo Mortensen plays a superheroic character killing bad guys in stylized comic book like violence.

But let’s not focus on the violence, let’s focus on the protagonists of Cronenberg’s films. Take Tom Stahl. Tom Stahl is a mask. It’s a costume for Joey Cusack. This is more or less exactly the argument from the finale of Kill Bill. Tom Stahl/Arlene Plimpton/Clark Kent are the costumes that Joey Cusack/Beatrix Kiddo/Superman wear to blend in with the rest of the world. Only one of these characters wears a cape, but these are all superheroic characters. Calling one a kid’s movie because it has capes comes across as ignorant and pretentious. Call Dark Knight Rises a kid’s movie because it has a PG-13 rating, not because it has capes. Eastern Promises has Viggo doing the same thing. He has a fake identity that he wears as a mask. Nikolai pretends just to be the ignorant driver to cover up the hardened undercover cop that he really is.

I don’t think Cronenberg is attacking comic books as for kids. Anyone who makes that argument needs to check out Watchmen, the Killing Joke, Devil’s Advocate, or the Walking Dead. That argument would be stupid and he isn’t. But I do think he’s showing a little too much pretension coming from a director who is renowned for making art house creature features. The guy who made They Came From Within and The Fly thinks Christopher Nolan is slumming it and not doing real art by having a man dressed as a bat.

The Hobbit Volume III: The Scouring of My Wallet

So the Hobbit has become a trilogy… Peter, everyone loved Lord of the Rings. Everyone loved the goddamn 4-5 hour special editions. But the Hobbit is a children’s book. It’s a GREAT kid’s book that anyone of any age can enjoy to this day. But it can be done in 2 movies. I’m not complaining […]

Fixing Dark Knight Rises

So I’ve gotten to hear some opinions about the Dark Knight. I seem to be with the majority in saying the movie is okay, but a satisfying end to the trilogy. One recurring thing is that people are saying is that they have problems with it but they’re not sure how to fix them. Well […]

Also check out the Cinema Snob, Brad Jones. His review echoes pretty similar sentiments to mine. He’s a harder on some aspects that didn’t bother me such as Anne Hathaway and Bane’s voice. He also comes at this from someone unfamiliar with the Knightfall series which means something like the Breaking of the Bat in this movie didn’t make his fail list.

The Snark Knight Rises

This is a long, complicated movie and it does it a disservice to give it the quick good or bad summary. But I’m going to do that anyway. This movie is okay. There are things I like. But they are good pieces in a film that just doesn’t sit right with me. Taken as a […]

Storm of Swords Preview

As usual, if you don’t want the plot spoiled, begone. At this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con they announced a slew of new casting for Game of Thrones Season 3. What’s important is not just what was said but also what wasn’t said. So far, every single press release about the next season has highlighted […]