Characters I’ve Created

Depression sucks.  But I’ve found that the quickest way to make myself feel better is to do something with other people.  It doesn’t last but it works.  D&D and tabletop RPGs are the easiest thing to come by.  So I joined a couple different random online campaigns on Roll20.  This got me thinking about some […]

Curse of Strahd – Checking in Halfway Through

Curse of Strahd is the first of the 5E hardcover adventures I’ve actually run.  As of this writing, we are 8 sessions into the adventure.  I’d guess we have least another 8 in front of us.  I’m having a lot of fun running this adventure and I think/hope the players are enjoying it too. One […]

Is Tyrion Lannister a Villain?

I saw a piece from an interview with George RR Martin a few days ago.  When asked who his favorite character from the Song of Ice and Fire is, GRRM said, “I’ve got to admit I kind of like Tyrion Lannister.  He’s the villain of course, but hey, there’s nothing like a good villain.”  Like […]

Captain America 3: Civil War

At last we have Marvel’s latest opus, the third Captain America movie, Civil War.  Before I thought maybe this movie could be called an Iron Man movie or an Avengers movie because it has the full cast but that isn’t the case.  The focus here really stays on Captain America.  It’s his movie to carry.  […]

Curse of Strahd – Vampires Don’t Suck

Curse of Strahd is something different from Wizards of the Coast.  It’s their first adventure not in the Forgotten Realms.  Although by their own admission it is easy to get to this adventure from the Forgotten Realms setting.  It also goes up to level 10, not level 15 as the three previous adventures did.  It […]

Top 5 Movies of 2015

Once again, I have not seen all the movies I wish I had but you wanna see a fuckin’ list or not?  The following are the movies I have not seen yet that I wish I had: The Revenant Creed The Martian Sicario The Big Short Krampus Ex Machina Here are my top 5 movies […]

Confessions of a Mediocre Dungeon Master

My first game of D&D was a 3.5 game at a friend of a friend’s house.  I played a Gnome Illusionist.  For years after that I was critical of his DMing style.  I was an idiot.  I had fun and the benefit of hindsight he was pretty damn good.  To paraphrase Cutty from the Wire, […]

Rankings of Ice and Fire

Rankings of Ice and Fire

This morning while breaking my fast on cheese and bread I saw Twitter user @BryndenBFish posted a list of his favorite Point-of-View characters from the A Song of Ice and Fire series.  Reactions were hostile, including my own.  Below is his list. Surely fan favorite characters like Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark deserve to be placed […]

The Force is All Right

Where to start with this one? I think this was worth seeing.  I think if you’re at all interested in this movie go see it in the theater before cultural osmosis ruins the plot.  I had a good time.  So yeah.  I’d recommend this one. From here on in we go Balls Deep into Spoilerth.  […]

Civil War aka The War of Captain Aggression

The trailer for Captain America 3: Civil War is out.  I can’t stop thinking about this movie.  I keep overanalyzing this trailer and wondering if I’m being too dramatic or critical when I say I think this trailer makes the movie look bad. When I read comic books I prefer one shots.  I hate getting […]