Storm of Swords Preview

As usual, if you don’t want the plot spoiled, begone.

At this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con they announced a slew of new casting for Game of Thrones Season 3. What’s important is not just what was said but also what wasn’t said. So far, every single press release about the next season has highlighted Olenna Redwyne, aka the Queen of Thorns. Olenna is the mother of Mace Tyrell, the lord of House Tyrell and the grandmother to Margery Tyrell They hired a major actress to play her. This seems to indicate they’ll be substantially bumping her character’s screentime. I really hope this is the case, but I don’t think it will be. This is mostly because the main thing cut out of season 2 was iconic dialogue. Again I’m referring to the FANTASTIC “She Slapped Him” scene between Tyrion and Cersei. The reason they should and will give her a bigger part is because her character gets a shitload of cool lines and none of them take place in expensive sets. But that doesn’t translate to getting the great stuff from the book.

I would venture that some of Season 3’s best scenes will be between the two Tyrell women and Sansa. But the problem with that is that I guarantee we’ll lose all the backstory supporting those scenes. Backstory has been the greatest casualty of this series and Storm of Swords features it in spades. Jaime reveals to us exactly how and why he killed Aerys and his pyromancers to prevent them from destroying King’s Landing. And Littlefinger discusses how carefully Lady Olenna questioned him about Joffrey’s nature when he proposed the marriage. He lied to her while his men spread the truth about Joffrey’s vileness to her agents.

Speaking of cutting iconic dialogue, there is no reason to cut a single word from the scene where Tyrion tells his father that he saved the city and Casterly Rock is his by right. Tywin tells him never. Cutting that scene would be complete betrayal.

So who hasn’t been mentioned in any of these castings? Obviously, the Red Viper. Arguably the most popular new character in Storm of Swords. The younger brother of the Lord of House Martell, despised by the Tyrells, who believes Tywin Lannister had Gregor Clegane rape his sister, kill her, and her children because she was married to Rhaegar instead of Cersei. No one has spoken a word of this character leading me to think they’re probably going to hold off until Season 4 to introduce him. Which would imply Joffrey’s wedding will also be in season 4. But what then will be the plot in season 3? In all likelihood, the Red Wedding will be the climax of season 3. I’m not sure how far they’ll get in Jon’s story arc. My guess is they’ll get to the Wall, not over it.

Also, never forget the budget strings. This show’s budget is TIGHT and you could really see it in season 2’s recycled sets. The battle of Castle Black and Dany the Conqueror will probably be in two seasons. Fortunately, Martin wrote the battles of Yunkai and Mereen offscreen. Don’t expect the writers to show them for the hell of it. This brings me to another question, they haven’t announced an actor for Daario Naharis either. This leads me to think we’ll get Astapor in season 3, the other two in season 4.