Avengers: Finite War

This will probably not be a long essay.

I am hard pressed to think of a Marvel movie I liked more than Infinity Wars.  Doctor Strange, Spiderman 2, Black Panther, Civil War, Avengers 1, Winter Soldier, these were all movies that, when I compare them, yeah I liked Infinity Wars more.

Yet, I found myself at the end of this movie struggling to give a fuck.



Who cares?  They’re going to bring back most of the cast next movie.  Black Panther made approximately the GDP of several small countries in a matter of weeks.  Despite their deaths in this movie, they’re not killing T’Challa, they’re not killing Tom Holland’s Spiderman, or Chris Pratt.  Gamora, Maria Hill, Heimdall, and Loki, they might’ve really bought the farm.  It feels weird to admit to myself that yeah, this was good, but  wow it is hard to feel invested in anything right now.  Maybe that’s the point?  Like, you leave this downer movie and text your spouse to hide the sharp objects.

I was surprised how well done Thanos was in this movie after being an overrated purple bitch in previous movies.  I guess Marvel has finally realized that treating their villains like real and equal characters in the story is the only way to get the audience to give a shit about them.

Was it weird for anyone else that Vision and Scarlet Witch were in a relationship since their actors are 17 years apart in age?  I realize that Vision is technically, like, 4 years old but come on.

The Guardians of the Galaxy parts of this movie kind of rubbed me wrong, especially in light of this excellent video on GOTG2 by Lindsay Ellis. Having Peter Quill and Gamora express their love in this movie feels like it cheapens the previous movie because they specifically did not wind up together for good reasons.  And playing up how terrible Thanos feels for killing Gamora in this movie doesn’t make him not horrible.  I’m sure plenty of domestic abusers feel some kind of pathos or sadness but that doesn’t validate the abuse or prioritize their feelings of an abuser over the survivor.

It was good.  But #NothingMatters so who gives a fuck.

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