Dragon Age: Dark Fortress, Issue 2 – Spoilers


This issue is…frustrating.

We ended the first issue with the Qunari planning to break into Castellum Tenebris.  Protagonist Crew is trying to prevent the Bad Guys from doing their ritual.  The Bad Guys are trying to do their ritual.

We end this issue with the Qunari just barely breaking into the fortress and the ritual is now complete.  Ruh Roh.

This issue is long on little character moments and short on plot.  Ser Aaron gets more backstory.  So much that I think he’s gonna die.  Otherwise, why do we need to flash back to Ostagar again?

Tractus Danarius escapes the Qunari but otherwise doesn’t appear, gee I wonder if he’ll come back for issue #3?

Apparently there’s a dragon in the courtyard of the fortress.  Vaea’s going to free it.  Umm…k?  I assume Shirallas is just going to kill it next issue to show how badass he is.

At the end of this I just don’t feel like we’ve learned anything despite the revelations.  Someone made a Red Lyrium Katana from the Lyrium Idol.  Okay?  Tractus “bound” the dragon.  I guess?  Shirallas is like Fenris but on Red Lyrium!  Sure.

The art’s nice.  But it just feels like they’ve saved all their ammo for issue #3.  At least I devoutly hope they have.  As someone eagerly rushing out to buy the comic the first day it’s available I’m disappointed.  This juice is not worth the squeeze.

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